This is the pre-release site of MagicLand. At the moment, when MagicLand launches, users will be able to sell and purchase in-game items (land) to each other for use in holding in-game events. In the future, we will also provide various announcements and game notices. See the official site Currently, the land that can be handled on the site is only land in Japan. We will continue to improve and extend the functionality of the sale site going forward.

● About “Land”

Land are divided into several colors ・ Orange land Currently on sale and can be purchased ・ Blue land Land owned by you that is able to be put up for sale ・ Red land Selected land at the time of carrying out a purchase order

● How to buy land

● Fees for selling land

Sales on the site will be subject to 20% of the selling price as a sales commission.

● Land price

Land prices in Magicland are measured in BTC. Therefore, as an internal price, the price is held in BTC, and when the exchange rate against fiat currency changes, the amount denominated in the fiat currency changes as well. BTC, JPY conversion rates are calculated based on the value of each market.

● Notice about certain areas

Areas with territorial disputes are excluded from "Land in Japan" on MagicLand. In the end, Magic Land aims to be a game that can be played without borders, so we plan to provide some land separately as an area.